Mirage Factions is a 1.16 faction server created by veteran faction players for faction players. We combine Minecraft's 1.8 legendary PvP mechanics with the finest aspects of the 1.16  to conceive a fun and unique experience for all kinds of faction players. 

Enjoy cannoning and testing Redstone? This is the server for you. 

Desire to construct castles, towns, and superbases?  We've got no shortage of those.

Crave the excitement of player versus player combat?  Perfect!

Purchase ranks, mounts, auras, and morphs in the Ranks, Mounts, Auras, and Morphs section to augment your experience in game and check out our discord for updates, suggestions, and information. Our experienced staff and expert developer team are constantly working to make Mirage Factions an entertaining and enjoyable experience for our players.

Join us now at Play.MirageFactions.com